Can you help solve these Mawson mysteries?

As you may expect with a collection as large as the South Australian Museum's Mawson Collection of nearly 100,000 items there are many of unknown subject or provenance. The following are just a few that we hope you may be able to help us identify. Should you have anything to offer please don't hesitate to contact us using the email address below.

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Do you know the people in this photo, or where it was taken?

DM&who&whereHere is a Mawson Collection photo that needs identifying. It is from a series of personal photograph albums, with little additional detail known at this stage. It is believed to be one of a series from the summer of 1906-07, that involved Mawson, his brother, and Taylor. We know Mawson is sitting on the left, Griff Taylor is standing on the left, and William Mawson is probably standing on the right. The other three are unknown. The exact location is also unknown although it is probably on the a road to Charlotte Pass from which it is a nine kilometre walk up a path to the Mount Kosciusko summit. We know they made use of a horse and cart. Given this the "who" is of more interest than the "where".


Can you help with this portrait?

DMPortraitThe image to the right is a photo of a portrait of Mawson which was recently discovered by his grandchildren. They thought that it was by Ivor Hele but expert opinion says that it is not in his style. The grandchildren believed that it was painted when he retired from Adelaide University in about 1956 but other paintings done at that time (Barr Smith Library and Royal Geological Society London) by Hele show him with less hair! This one presumably was done earlier than that. The portrait is displayed here in the hope someone may be able to help us identify the artist and the date it was painted.